30-days Guitar Workout: An Exercise Plan For Guitarists - download pdf or read online

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By Jody Fisher

Successful with lecturers and scholars alike, this nice number of routines and technical reports breaks up the tedium of doing the usual regimen on a daily basis. contains day-by-day warm-ups, classes on correct- and left-hand approach, and extra.

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After all, Urban only asked ¤ve Gulden (approximately two dollars) a month for teaching one lesson a day. Urban deemed Schiller’s works too highly strung for one of my tender years, but gave me other interesting exercises to do. For example, I had to rewrite the tired platitude “Alle Menschen müssen sterben” (“All men must die”) ¤fty different ways. I could come up with only twenty variations, but the last one amazed my teacher so thoroughly that he stopped counting. I had written: “Der Tod hat manchmal bleierne Füsse, aber stets eiserne Hände” (“Death sometimes Autobiography 21 has lead feet, but it always has iron hands”).

Helena and the beastliness of Sir Hudson Lowe,7 I saw an object that was as closely related to a concert piano as a newborn foal is to an Arabian stal- Autobiography 19 lion. The keyboard only reached F in the treble and contra C in the bass. Above the keyboard gleamed the name “Conrad Graf ”; with Streicher, he had been the most famous Viennese piano maker during Beethoven’s time. Both manufacturers had had to give way to Erard and Pleyel in Paris. Chopin preferred Pleyel, Liszt Erard. My piano had a rather weak but agreeably singing tone and a wornout keyboard with yellowed white keys [Untertasten] and browning black keys [Obertasten].

In other words he wished to learn from his pupil in order that he might put to his own use the fruits of his genius. This was hardly ethical; yet Kalkbrenner’s self-satisfaction was so great (on this point read Heine’s criticisms of the music in Paris) that he may well have thought that he was superior to Chopin, who was then very modest in manner. That Rosenthal identi¤es himself with Chopin in this passage is indicated by the fact that he offers contradictory explanations for Kalkbrenner’s demand that Chopin not perform in public during his period of study: ¤rst, that Kalkbrenner wished to remake Chopin in his own image; second, that Kalkbrenner hoped to remake himself in Chopin’s image.

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