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By Susan Maclagan

ISBN-10: 0810867117

ISBN-13: 9780810867116

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ISBN-13: 9780810867284

A Dictionary for the trendy Flutist offers transparent and concise definitions of greater than 1,500 universal flute-related phrases participant of the Boehm-system flute may possibly come upon. absolutely illustrated with greater than a hundred photos, the entries include descriptions of phrases regarding all features of the flute: flute kinds, flute components, flute fix, enjoying ideas, acoustics, articulations, intonation, universal embellishes, flutemaking, flute background, flute track books, and more.Susan Maclagan has completely researched and labeled every one time period, together with very important flute phrases that experience triggered confusion or now not been sincerely outlined formerly, directory them alphabetically with concise, in-depth definitions. rigorously categorized illustrations for plenty of flute kinds, elements, mechanisms, and add-ons aid to make the definitions more uncomplicated to imagine. The entries additionally include short biographies of greater than 50 major names within the flute group world wide. numerous appendixes offer additional details on matters like flute classifications, kinds of smooth Boehm-system flutes and their elements, key and tone gap names, head joint ideas, and orchestra and opera audition excerpts. articles, Checking Your Flute Tuning and Scale by way of the flutist and pedagogue Trevor Wye—who additionally contributed the foreword—and Flute Clutches by way of the historian David Shorey, also are integrated, in addition to an in depth bibliography.

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To avoid confusion, basic fingerings are often learned before alternate fingerings. : normal fingerings, regular fingerings, standard fingerings. See also b fingerings; fundamental (2); fundamental fingering; fundamental note; fundamental resonance (1); harmonic (2); key vibrato; resonance; trill fingerings; trill keys; veiled tone (2). For early flutes, see also augmented fingerings; closed-key system; one-keyed flute. BASSE DE FLÛTE. Fr. for basset recorder in the late Baroque. BASSFLÖTE. 1. Ger.

In the latter case, the B side lever can be held down while G and of course B are fingered. Of interest is that on flutemaker Theobald Boehm’s original 1832 and 1847 model flutes, flutists could only use the one-and-one B fingering. See also duplicate keys; cylindrical boehm flute; ring-key flute. BEVEL. A surface that meets another at an angle other than a right angle. For example, the embouchure plate joins the blowing wall at an angle that is not a right angle. B FOOT JOINT. Abbr. B foot. A rare type of foot joint that gets its name because the lowest note that can be produced is low b .

ATTACK Other notations and names have been used for appoggiaturas. Appoggiature, port-de-voix (Fr. ) are some of the terms used. See also grace notes. ARM. 1. Same as key arm. See also beveling; stringer. 2. See bridge. 3. See extension arm. 4. See kicker. 5. See vaulted clutch. ARTAUD, PIERRE-YVES (b. Paris, 1946). A French flute soloist who performs internationally, researcher, coauthor of Present Day Flutes (see bib. under “Contemporary Flute”), flute and chamber music professor at the Paris Conservatoire from 1991 (substituted for Michel Debost in 1989) to this day, promoter of contemporary flute music, and founder of the Arcadie flute quartet (1965) and the French Flute Orchestra (1985).

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