A Fire in the Sun (The second book in the Marid Audran by George Alec Effinger PDF

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By George Alec Effinger

ISBN-10: 0553274074

ISBN-13: 9780553274073

Marid Audran has develop into every thing he as soon as despised. no longer see you later in the past, he used to be a hustler within the Budayeen, an Arabian ghetto in a Balkanized destiny Earth. again then, as frequently as no longer, he did not have the cash to shop for himself a drink. yet he had his independence.Now Marid works for Friedlander Bey, "godfather" of the Budayeen, a guy whose strength stretches throughout a shattered, crumbling international. throughout the day, Marid is a policeman…and Bey's own envoy to the police. His new place has introduced him funds and gear which he may abandon in a second if he may well go back to a lifetime of neither possessing nor being owned. Which, regrettably, isn't really one among his options.It's additionally no longer a subject matter. For whatever darkish is afoot. anything that's sending the town into chaos. assisting a child-mutilator to prevent arrest. Sending a killer to homicide Marid's accomplice. Murdering prostitutes and savaging their continues to be. symptoms element to the hand of Abu Adil--the one guy within the urban whose strength competitors Friedlander Bey's. no matter what occurs subsequent, it is not going to be excellent news for Marid Audran…

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I was supposed to have read through it last night, but I never got around to it. Hajjar and Shaknahyi were probably going to be griped, but I didn't care. What could they do, fire me? I drove first to the Budayeen, leaving my car on the boulevard and walking from there to Laila's modshop on Fourth Street. Laila's was small, but it had character, crammed between a dark, grim gambling den and a noisy bar that catered to teenage sexchanges. The moddies and daddies in Laila's bins were covered with dust and fine grit, and generations of small insects had met their Maker among her wares.

This wasn't a coincidence, I could feel it. I had faith that it'd all fit together eventually. I just hoped I'd still be alive and healthy when it did. I paused outside the door to my suite. "Go get your bedding and your belongings," I told Kmuzu. "I'll be going through the file on Abu Adil. Don't worry about disturbing me, though. " "Thank you, yaa Sidi. " I began to turn the color lock on the door. Kmuzu gave a little bow and headed toward the servants' quarters. When he'd turned the corner, I hurried away in the opposite direction.

She was the first woman I'd ever seen in Friedlander Bey's house, but even so she'd never been permitted to join us at the table. The boy looked about fifteen years old, which in the eyes of the faith is the age of maturity. He was old enough to meet the obligations of prayer and ritual fasting, so under other circumstances he might have been welcome to share our meal. " Friedlander Bey put a hand on my arm. " I looked at him, my mouth open, but no intelligent reply occurred to me. If Papa wanted to initiate major revolutions in attitude and behavior at this late date, that was his right.

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A Fire in the Sun (The second book in the Marid Audran series) by George Alec Effinger

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