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By ACI committee 318

ISBN-10: 0870319302

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ACI 318-14 construction Code requisites for Structural Concrete and Commentary


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1. reinforcement, supplementary—reinforcement that acts to restrain the potential concrete breakout but is not designed to transfer the design load from the anchors into the structural member. 5 consisting of two layers of deformed bars at right angles to each other welded at the intersections. 7. Seismic Design Category—classification assigned to a structure based on its occupancy category and the severity of the design earthquake ground motion at the site, as defined by the general building code.

The two types of reinforcement differ in other ways. The shanks of headed studs are smooth, not deformed as with headed deformed bars. The minimum net bearing area of the head of a headed deformed bar is permitted to be as small as four times the bar area. In contrast, the minimum stud head area is not specified in terms of the bearing area, but by the total head area which must be at least 10 times the area of the shank. BUILDING CODE REQUIREMENTS FOR STRUCTURAL CONCRETE (ACI 318-14) AND COMMENTARY (ACI 318R-14) CODE headed bolt—cast-in steel anchor that develops its tensile strength from the mechanical interlock provided by either a head or nut at the embedded end of the anchor.

7 that do not conform to definition of deformed reinforcement. reinforcement, anchor—Anchor reinforcement is designed and detailed specifically for the purpose of transferring anchor loads from the anchors into the member. 9); however, other configurations that can be shown to effectively transfer the anchor load are acceptable. reinforcement, deformed—Deformed reinforcement is defined as that meeting the reinforcement specifications in the Code. No other reinforcement qualifies. This definition permits accurate statement of development lengths.

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ACI 318-14 Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary by ACI committee 318

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