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By Kenneth Hamilton

ISBN-10: 0195178262

ISBN-13: 9780195178265

ISBN-10: 143561786X

ISBN-13: 9781435617865

Kenneth Hamilton's ebook engagingly and lucidly dissects the oft-invoked fantasy of an outstanding culture, or Golden Age of Pianism. it really is written either for avid gamers and for contributors in their audiences via a pianist who believes that scholarship and clarity can cross hand-in-hand. Hamilton discusses in meticulous but full of life aspect the performance-style of significant pianists from Liszt to Paderewski, and delves into the far-from-inevitable improvement of the piano recital. He entertainingly recounts how classical live shows developed from exuberant, occasionally riotous occasions into the formal, funereal trotting out of predictable items they are often this day, how a frequently unhistorical "respect for the ranking" started to exchange pianists' improvisations and variations, and the way the medical customized arose that an viewers will be obvious and never heard. Pianists will locate nutrition for proposal right here on their repertoire and the traditions of its functionality. Hamilton chronicles why pianists of the prior didn't constantly start a bit with the 1st word of the rating, nor finish with the final. He emphasizes that nervousness over fallacious notes is a comparatively fresh psychosis, and enjoying completely from reminiscence a comparatively fresh requirement. Audiences will come upon a bright account of ways significantly diverse are the recitals they attend in comparison to live shows of the prior, and the way their very own function has reduced from noisily lively members within the live performance event to passive recipients of inventive benediction from the degree. they'll detect while cowed listeners ultimately stopped applauding among events, and why they stopped speaking loudly in the course of them. The book's extensive message announces that there's not anything divinely ordained approximately our personal concert-practices, programming and piano-performance types. Many elements of the fashionable technique are unhistorical-some laudable, a few basically ludicrous. also they are some distance faraway from these fondly, if deceptively, remembered as constituting a Golden Age.

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